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Schizophrenia disorder is a long-term mental health condition that causes a range of different psychological disruptions. These can be interpreted as positive, negative, cognitive and affective.

Rehabilitation centres for schizophrenia in Pune focuses majorly on using pharmacotherapy for treating this disorder. Although, what needs to be done is that equal focus is to be given to therapies and alternate recovery options because these medicines only cure the symptoms and not eradicate the disease. Studies show that 20% of patients do not respond to such medicines, leaving them vulnerable and stop them from attaining educational, occupational, and social roles.

Jeagruti Rehab centre stands a step ahead as they provide custom plans made for individual patients. They understand the importance of establishing normalcy in the lives of the patients. Therefore, to provide the best Schizophrenia Treatment in Pune, they amalgamate psychological interventions (in form of therapies) with medicinal treatment. Diversely designed plans are made for treating both, symptoms and the disease.


A delusion is a false but fixed belief. Delusions are also made up beliefs. It’s all made up in the head and the person has concrete beliefs bases on unreal facts. Person held these beliefs with complete conviction, even though it is based on a mistaken, strange or unrealistic view.
It may affect the way people behave. E.g. a delusion that someone is monitoring their actions. Paranoid delusion may believe they are being harassed or persecuted. They may believe they are being chased, followed, watched, plotted against or poisoned, often by a family member or friend.
Some people who experience delusions find different meanings in everyday events or occurrences. They may believe people on TV or in newspaper articles are communicating messages to them alone.

Confused thoughts (thought disorder)

Not able to keep track of their thoughts and conversations. Some people find it hard to concentrate and will drift from one idea to another( Loosening of associations). They may have trouble reading newspaper articles or watching a TV programme.

People sometimes describe their thoughts as "misty" or "hazy" when this is happening to them. Thoughts and speech may become jumbled or confused, making conversation difficult and hard for other people to understand.

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