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Thank you very much for your cordial and warm invitation. We would definitely be attending the grand inauguration ceremony. We would like to congratulate you and your team for completing the project successfully. We wish and pray God, you and team Seniority Care achieve success with many such projects.

Mrs. Lile

Extremely happy to be a Resident of Seniority Care, a paradise for senior citizens to spend rest of the life with peace, safety, security & comforts with satvik food and good health care management as “ONE STOP TOTAL SOLUTIONS”.

Mr. Lal

This is to inform all concerns that my life in this community is happy and I am having a peaceful and contented life without any shortcomings.

Mr. Late

Senior & Elder Home Care Center

In pursuit of our vision, we are keen on creating inclusive residential environments with impeccable infrastructural advantages wherein several of the frequented facilities like ATMs, Pharmacy, Hospital/Labs for regular check-ups, etc., are brought within the community so that residents need not commute long distances in search of them.

We believe that an ideal retirement home should remove the stress out of everyday living, because after an age even regular household chores can seem cumbersome.

“We care for elderly people”

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